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    Save Extra 20% OFF Today | Code: Customize

    Use the tools above to design your favorite sign and/or upload a favorite photograph to be printed.

    Click HERE for step by step instructions on how to build your custom sign.

    Ship time

    Please allow 7-12 days for build-time of Custom Signs.


    Before submitting a design or image please ensure that your image is of adequate resolution. We are not responsible for any custom signs having pixelated images printed. Please allow for a space between the artwork and wooden frame. DO NOT design all the way to the edge.  You are solely responsible for the images you upload and confirm they are of adequate resolution for a clear crisp print (300dpi or greater).

    Lightweight signs (2-5 pounds) making decorating and rearranging a breeze!

    Hangers included with all products

    Designed, crafted, and assembled in our Wood Shop in East Texas

    We ship all over the US!

    Frames are one-of-a-kind and no two will look the same

    Each of our frames are made from rough-cut wood with some live-edge which has natural imperfections like knots and rough edges.

    We make an attempt to locate the larger imperfections to the back of the frame.

    Each wood frame absorbs our stain differently.

    Copyright Disclaimer

    You warrant that you own the copyright to the images uploaded and release from any infringement claims. We hold the right to refuse print of any content submitted.

    Cancellation Policy on Custom Orders

    Once an order is submitted it is final and cannot be edited or canceled or returned for refund.

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