We’re Josh & Holly Smallwood. We have 5 kids. You read that right. We’re homebodies, and enjoy watching our kids play, and dance, and be carefree. We cook as often as possible, but still probably eat out too much. It feels like we fill up our vehicles every other day. Laundry is never caught up. If all five kids are quiet, then something is wrong. We use as many paper plates as possible to prevent doing dishes. Our last three kids have potty trained themselves. Keeping the house in order feels like a war we’ll never win. But it’s us and this is the phase of life that we’re in together.

One on one time with our kids is most important and cherished. It’s important for our kids to receive our undivided attention. We love learning what they’re learning, or hearing about the highlights of their day, or being a listening ear to struggles. And it’s important for us, as parents, to cherish that time together because it’s fleeting. It’s amazing to watch our kids grow and develop, unique in their own ways, fearfully and wonderfully made. It’s beautifully chaotic with a party of seven, but we love it and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We also bought an old wood shop and create timeless decor that help make your house a home. We could not do what we do without the amazing team that makes up our Smallwoods family. And we are so blessed and thankful for our customers. You make this fun!