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Providing quality products to our customers is very near and dear to our hearts. That is why Quality Control is one of the most important responsibilities here at Smallwoods.

Meet Scott, our Quality Control Manager. Before working at Smallwoods Scott was known as Coach, however our COO has always referred to him as Dad. Scott has only been an employee at Smallwoods for a little over a year but has had the privilege of watching Smallwoods grow from the ground up. On a daily basis, Scott oversees the quality of every piece that leaves our facilities, making sure you are receiving a product that brings true joy. Scott gets to see so many photos from weddings, to babies, even pets. Scott knows your images are capturing memories that will be shared for a lifetime. He takes great pride in our quality control and loves that he gets to work with a team that feels like family.

His name is Scott, and he is Smallwoods.

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Bonnie Holmes on Nov 16, '20

I just received five big pictures from you guys and couldn’t be more pleased with the quality!! You are right… these portraits capture memories that are shared for a lifetime and bring so much joy! THANK YOU for ensuring great quality for us to put those memories on display! 😍

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