And Then There Were Five


We knew we always wanted a big family. Two kids seemed easy. Why not have a third, fourth, and on it went. But I'm not sure anyone is truly prepared for a family of seven. When we found out Holly was pregnant with Millie it felt like we could see our family as whole. In the same season Holly and I were dreaming of what Smallwoods could be for our growing family, our customers, and our community.

We knew we wanted our entire staff to be under one roof and after years of searching we found a space that would help us do just that. We were beyond happy to have our entire team together. It was at this time we felt like we were ready for baby number five and whatever the world had planned for us.

However, all seasons come with their struggles, and on September 20, 2017 we received a late-night call from the local fire department letting us know the entire building we had just moved into was on fire.

With multiple fire departments on site the flames were finally contained the following morning, and nothing was spared. Thankfully all our people were safe. Holly was 7 months pregnant at the time and all we both could think was "what now?" We worried about our team and our community, plus we had this sweet baby girl on the way in just two short months. Moments like this are where "two are better than one..." really hits home. Holly and I relied on each other during that stressful time while we eagerly waited for our Millie.

Millie was born on November 5th and in that moment, God showed us that the outcome is always worth the struggle. She was the light these two parents needed in a tough season and the kids were so excited to have their new curly-headed baby home, especially big brother, Bubba. Now, almost three years later, baby Millie runs through our Smallwoods office halls distracting every team member in sight with her bouncing curls and giggles reminding us that true joy is found in the journey. - Josh Smallwood

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Cherokee Alexander on Oct 26, '20

I looove this story! God is able to do exceedingly abundantly all that we can ask or think according to his will. I love your company, I’m never disappointed. Everytime I place a order I anticipate my next lol

Sharon on Oct 23, '20

What an awesome blessing!! God is good..!!ALL THE TIME!! Thanks for sharing!! I know for sure I will always be a customer!! May you always be filled with God’s love!!

Pamela on Oct 23, '20

Beautiful story and such a great reminder. Thank you!!!

Kathy Kelly on Oct 23, '20

Love your work

Kathy Kelly on Oct 23, '20

Love your work

Aspen Martin on Oct 23, '20

Smallwoods has made tons of canvases for my little family and gifts for other family members. Everything we have ever ordered has been absolutely perfect. Even one piece sat outside in the rain all day (due to our mail carrier leaving it on the steps of our porch) the box was soaking wet and the canvas was still absolutely perfect. Great quality items and at a great price! You can’t beat that. We will continue to order and just adore everything about Smallwoods!

Terry Davis on Oct 23, '20

I’ve been attracted to Smallwoods for some time and now I understand more clearly why! I love your faith & your values.

Darasue Lyons on Oct 23, '20

What a wonderful story and I absolutely love your company! Have never been disappointed with anything that I have ordered. Wish I had more walls to hang things!

Lori Fisher / lambs ear & twig on Oct 23, '20

God is good all the time. God bless your family 💛

Susan on Oct 23, '20

So amazed to see your success. Congratulations to a growing business and family. We’re currently saving for our next purchase. Now I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long to make my first. Totally pleased.

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