Our Son Decided to Make Us Eggs



“Go behind the frame and watch when our son decided to make us eggs. On his own. At age 2. We see the countless memories our customers frame and wanted to share some of our family memories we’ve made along the way.” - Josh Smallwood

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Kitty Smallwood on Oct 1, '20

Way to go Jack. Now that is a precious memory 😊

Kristina Rodriguez on Oct 1, '20

He’s adorable. I love how you captured this perfect moment doing that. They will grow up so fast. ❤️❤️
Enjoy the moments

Shirley Eblen on Oct 1, '20

He is so cute! What a great memory!

Lisa on Oct 1, '20

This is so sweet !!!

Sydney Kelly on Oct 1, '20

Oh My Presh! That sweet face, I can’t even!! 🥰

Ellie on Sep 24, '20

Awwwww how cute!!! Did yall eat the EGGS??? Just to let yall know I have order alot from yalls company!!!! My picture R Piceless , thank yall!!!!!! I hope yalls Eggs were good, your son is so stinking cute!!! Priceless

Theresa Sanders Lewis on Sep 24, '20

That is wonderful! It’s easy to forget, over time, how sweetly caring (and sometimes destructive) toddlers can be.

SHARON B DUKE on Sep 24, '20

Absolutely precious!! What a loved memory…He
looks so sweet..& really ’’into’’ making mom and dad
happy!! I bet the clean up was FUNNNNNN!…

Monica P on Sep 24, '20

What a cutie! Who could be upset after he said it was “for you”

Gwen Ingle on Sep 24, '20

My son made a cake for me when he was around 4. Eggs, flour, sugar, and milk. He was down with the ingredients. He mixed them in his big Tonka cement mixer, in the middle of my forest green rug… (popular color in the ‘90’s)
It was such a mess! But, it was so SWEET❣️ Made a perfectly, wonderful memory .♥️
I enjoyed your video clip. Thank you for sharing!
God Bless….

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