Taking After Mom


Here at Smallwoods, family comes first. That's why we wanted to introduce you to a very special member of ours.

 Out of our five children, Macy—our second oldest and middle girl—is the one who most takes after her mother, Holly. If you look at a picture of Holly when she was little, it’s easy to spot the resemblance between the two. At times, it’s almost uncanny. But the similarities don’t stop at the surface level. Macy also shares many of the same mannerisms. For example, while both mother and daughter can be social, they tend to shy away from the spotlight at times.

 And though Macy may have gotten her competitiveness from me, for the most part, she behaves just like my better half. In fact, she often acts in a motherly way herself, despite her young age. You’ll always find her gathering up her three younger siblings and putting a game together for their entertainment. Just like Holly, she has an innate talent for making sure that everyone is taken care of, having fun, and feels included. It’s truly heart-warming to watch.

 We’ve also noticed—and are incredibly proud—that Macy is naturally good at whatever she does. We started Smallwoods to help families share their most precious framed moments and memories, and just like her parents, Macy has been growing into someone who values the importance of personal expression. She’s highly creative and loves to spend her free time painting and making craft projects of all kinds. Her claim to fame? A signature gooey slime. Often, she and her youngest sister, Millie, will sneak away to Macy’s room and make creations with that goo. We always know if we’ve found slime around the house—or in Millie’s hair—Macy has been hard at work.

As Macy grows older and I look back on her childhood, I will always cherish the father-daughter times we have together. Even small moments like going to Starbucks or the bookstore feel meaningful. It’s about making the most of that one-on-one time together and how Macy, our funny, witty daughter, fills each day with laughter and purpose.

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Liz Matthews on Jan 4, '21

It is truly refreshing to hear Dad tell of the inordinate gifts of his daughter. Your recognition of her gifts and how she spreads joy, creativity and nurture about your family day by day is amazing. . Macy is already a world changer!……as is your business. Smallwoods graces my home and I love each piece.

Lisa Baum on Nov 16, '20

She is such a beautiful little lady 🥰

Claudia Caplinger on Nov 6, '20

She’s so very pretty. You are truly blessed to have a wonderful family and being able to start your family business. May the Lord continue to bless your business…

Sandy Duke on Nov 6, '20

I love hearing your stories. It makes the company seem so real and family focused. I love this, and will continue to support your endeavor.

Kristi on Nov 6, '20

This is such a heartwarming post and gives me one more reason (as if I needed one) to continue purchasing from you guys. Its clear your beautiful portraits aren’t the only thing that makes your company so unique and a blessing to many!

Angela Hoover on Nov 6, '20

Children are a blessing from God. Enjoy and savor every moment, because in the blink of an eye they are grown. ❤️

Jacquelyn Anderson on Nov 6, '20

Such a sweet child. You are fortunate to have her.

Darlene Snook on Nov 6, '20

She’s very beautiful!!

Robin Smith on Nov 6, '20

What a little beauty, obviously inside AND out!! I know you’re so proud.

Terri Witt on Nov 6, '20

Macy sounds delightful and seems to be inspired by both her parents to be the best she can be. As a mom of 3 boys, I’m jealous!

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