Meet Chuck


We always strive to find ways to make our employees feel valued and appreciated, which led to the creation of our Smallwood Ranch. Meet Chuck, who helps manage the Smallwood Ranch, and watch the story of how we’re able to use the ranch to give back to our employees.


“Everything I do at the ranch is for the benefit of the Smallwoods employees and work family. When I think of Smallwoods I think of dedication — dedication to the customers and to the employees.” - Chuck, Ranch Manager

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Shelly Eilers on Oct 19, '20

What a wonderful story!! Your company is amazing!! I love how you care for your employees like family!! Your pictures are outstanding- I recently ordered some framed family prints for my home and could not believe how easy it was to do, not to mention the affordability and fast delivery! You keep doing you, because you are fantastic!! God bless you and your employees.

SHARON B DUKE on Oct 5, '20

Your company truly seem to care about their employees!! I enjoyed Chuck’s video..It allows customers to feel more like you honestly are concerned about your employess & that you are a family!! I will continue ordering from awesome to know employers are so giving and kind to those who work for them!! I look forward to these fantastic videos!!
May God’s blessing always surround you all!!!!

Analía Palmer on Oct 2, '20

This is AMAZING!!! I loved SmallWood but now its a new type of love-you are so good to your customers and now I see you are amazing to yours employees. Love it!

Barbara Carneiro on Oct 1, '20

Wow! I’ve been a client for a while but this video truly made me feel proud to be a customer. Keep up the good work. May God continue to bless you!

Lisa Dimick on Oct 1, '20

What a wonderful company and way to go Chuck!!! You must love your job ! 💙

Carrie Chaput on Oct 1, '20

I’m so glad I ordered our engagement photos from Smallwoods company. I didn’t realize how much this company would touch my life but I have to share with you I come from a family of farmers and I raised chickens as well just like my father and sell eggs just like you guys do. Keep up the good work and treating your employees like family, it truly does mean a lot and goes along way.

Kim on Oct 1, '20

Wow!! What a great company to work for. Like a big family, so happy to see this in these times of uncertainty! Thanks for sharing! Wish you all weren’t so far away, I’d volunteer on the ranch🙂❤️

Mallory Davis on Oct 1, '20

I have been a happy customer of your company for a few years now and absolutely love this video and what youre doing for your employees! I always send friends and family your way to buy things and im so happy I do! What an awesome family you have!

Kristi Gerstel on Oct 1, '20

Love your products and now love the company even more. What a wonderful concept to have a farm for your employees! Bless you and your business.

Melissa Etter on Oct 1, '20

I don’t usually make comments but that is such a wonderful idea and shows how much you care for your employees which in turn makes them very dedicated, as Chuck said, to taking care of the customers! Nice video!

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