Meet Sonia



Our goal is to always deliver a high quality product to all of our Smallwoods customers, which is why we have a team that’s dedicated to sorting, organizing, cleaning, and preparing your orders to be shipped. Sonia works at our print facility and leads the team that regularly checks and perfects the quality of your sign before it’s sent to your door.


“When I go home, I feel happy that my Smallwoods family and I help our customers put pictures and memories on any wall they desire.” - Sonia

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Bobbi Jore on May 12, '21

I have purchased 20 or more prints in the last few months and I love my pictures. I really appreciate the affordability because nothing makes me happier then looking at my pictures. Thank you!

Megan Price on Oct 29, '20

My home is filled with your pieces and tons of my own creations! I’m happy every time I receive my purchases and I’ve had several friends and family members with the same feelings. Congratulations!

Abigail Fox on Oct 29, '20

These photos are perfection!! I have so many of them in my home and also just started getting holiday prints. My home always looks so fun and inviting when you walk in. My staircase is stacked with photos of my family and then different prints throughout the home. Absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much!!

Sara Pracht on Oct 19, '20

Words cannot express how much I love the custom large prints I ordered. The quality is outstanding and the images could not be more perfect. I have gotten so many compliments on them and have referred numerous people to your website. I just placed another order for this years photos and I can’t wait to see them! Thanks for the quality work you do!

Ann Lewonczyk on Oct 19, '20

Thank you so much … y’all sent me a replacement print !!
Customer service is the best

David Gardner on Oct 19, '20

Thanks Sonia. !! You and your team at Smallwoods did an Awesome Job on my granddaughter’s pictures and I am very satisfied and happy with everything you did !!

Tori McBroom on Oct 19, '20

Thank you, I was a little worried that the kids heads were to close to the top. I’m looking forward to ordering more:) Have a blessed day 🌿

Lisa on Oct 19, '20

Can I just say how much I appreciate your business. It has a human touch, I purchased over 6 frames so far and told my friends about. I was looking to get Canvas prints and never made up my mind. But you guys wow! Thank you. Also if you ever need a Virtual Assistant to manage your online stuff, I’m your gal! I would love it!

Peggy Hagen on Oct 19, '20

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the talent at Smallwood. Every piece that I have bought or have had made are always beautiful and I’m happy that I found you.

victoria Flores on Oct 19, '20

Love the perfection every time.

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