The Campus At Smallwoods


We will all look back on the year 2020 with mixed emotions. The year has had its own challenges and stressors, and at moments has just been plain weird. But I will remember this day as one filled with hope.

For years we’ve worked towards having all our Smallwoods team members under one roof—together. A fire robbed us of that opportunity only three short years ago, and we now begin the process of realizing that dream once more. In fact, we put that dream in ink.

With today’s announcement, we now begin site work for the one million square foot facility set on over 200 acres of land. “The Campus” as we refer to it will house the growing Smallwoods team and consolidate all manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and administration functions into one location. The aim of the campus project is to provide a thriving and creative workplace culture for employees, that combines modern design elements and leaves the native East Texas surroundings undisturbed.

We have the privilege of being a part of so many family stories. Not just in the milestones we help our customers frame, but also in providing our team members with a family friendly workplace that allows them to provide for their loved ones. Keeping our employees in mind, we purchased the property with a dual use idea that you can have a family farm and ranch atmosphere happening all around you, but at the same time have your business. It stems from the idea of wanting to grow a large, loyal team that just took care of each other.

We’ve worked hard. We’ve made sacrifices and committed to this vision for quite some time and now have the confidence to take the next step and make the investment. Employing more of our East Texas neighbors during these hard economic times we face is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. The vision we have for our small part of the world has only just begun. We are grateful for the 300 person team we have around us now, and the team members we look forward to welcoming in the near future.

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Morgan on Oct 30, '20

Congratulations and Best Wishes!!! Your products are beautifully crafted and feel so personal. Your customer service reps are so friendly and wonderful. I just adore this company!!!

Gina on Oct 30, '20

Smallwoods = BIG ideas. So happy for Smallwoods and wish you the best!

Amy on Oct 30, '20

Amazing story! Congratulations. I love your products. They bring great joy to my home.

Aimey Fullbright on Oct 30, '20

Congratulations! Wishing you all the success on this adventure! We love Smallwoods here in The Woodlands. <3

Lori on Oct 30, '20

Greatest economy is coming back. No virus or fire will hold us back. Love the USA and opportunities we are blessed with! Congratulations.

Jennifer Blake on Oct 30, '20

Love your product and company! CONGRATULATIONS!

Carol on Oct 30, '20

Congratulations! I love the pieces I have ordered from you and I wish you great success in the future!

Amy McDaniel on Oct 30, '20

Never disappointed! Love when I see my Smallwood deliveries arrive.

Dinah Rogers on Oct 29, '20

I’m thrilled for you! We were fulltime travelers for 3 years and during that time, fell in love with Texas. We loved not just the iconic cities, coastal beauty, and cowboy culture, but also lakeside sunsets in the pinewood forests of East Texas. My first Smallwoods order was an extra large framed photo of a beautiful scene near Castroville, southwest of San Antonio, with the lyrics from a song from our wedding (47 years ago), lettered across the bottom. Smallwoods has made several other pieces for me, capturing special moments of our lives and travels.
I’m excited that you are thriving and putting all your heart into growing this wonderful business and expanding it for your community and future customers. I wish you great success and offer my prayers for continued provision and protection.

Molly Ryan on Oct 29, '20

We have many items from you that have made our house a home. Congratulations on such wonderful news and a new season in your adventure.

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