• Framed Signs
  • Wood Photos
  • Hanging Canvas


1. Mark 2 spots in your desired hanging location for your nails

2. Use a level to ensure the marked spots are even and install the nails

3. Rest the back of the frame on the nails


1. Locate the pilot hole on the back of wood wall photo

2. Place provided triangle hook over pilot hole and carefully tighten screw with screwdriver to secure

3. Add a single nail to your desired hanging location

4. Secure hook over the nail to display your wood wall photo

Hanging Canvas

1. Thread the twine through the holes at the top of the wooden board. Adjust hanging length to preference.

2. Tie a knot on the end by making a loop, and wrapping and threading the twine through the loop twice. Pull the knot together.

3. Repeat for remaining end of the twine.

4. Hang your Canvas!