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I absolutely love Sweet Honey clothing. Everything I’ve ordered has been such great quality and wash really well. - Sarah Krause


I am beyond happy with these! High quality fabric that is super comfy...I will absolutely buy more PJs from here! - Hilee Roberts


I ordered this set of PJs to correspond to my daughter's. The SweetHoney fabrics are just so soft and comfy that is amazing to have PJs in women's sizes now! I'm a hot sleeper, but this set was perfectly cozy and comfortable for me- which is rare with pants/LS combos in PJs. I'm usually sweating buckets by morning, but these were just perfect! The contract fabric on the sleeves and collar were adorable when the sleeves were rolled up too! Love, love Sweet Honey products and will continue to keep my daughter cozy in her SweetHoney PJs as well! - Lucy Pauly


- Do your items run true to size / is there a sizing chart available?

The majority of our items fit true to size (TTS), if our design team has noted sizing recommendations outside of that norm, it will be stated in the item descripton.

- Will we be restocking certain items after they sell out?

Not usually, but we do get daily returns that are made available again on the website, so come back and see us!

- What materials are your clothing items made of?

Every fabric we use is specificaly chosen for the item it will be made into with the goal of wrapping your kids in both comfort and quality - check each individual product for specific details on its base material.

- What's your return policy?

In order to return an item you must contact us within 14 days of receiving your order. The item must be in good/new condition and clothing must be new, unwashed, in the original packaging with all tags attached. If these requirements are not met, the request will be denied. If you return items that have been denied, the items will be returned to you at your cost. | to view our entire return policy visit our customer support page HERE.

- When will my items ship?

Items typically ship between 3-5 business days. However please note, Black Friday and other large sales can delay ship times to 5-10 business days

- Do you restock sold out items?

Unless an item is returned and placed back into inventory, once our items are gone they're gone! In the cases when a returned item is loaded back into our inventory it does become available again on our website - so check back just in case, we'll keep our fingers crossed for you!

- How do I change the combination lock on my luggage? 

1. To set your personal combination, return dials to 0-0-0

2. Use a paperclip and press down the reset button (B see above) until you hear a click

3. Set your combination by turning the dials to your new code

4. Push the slider (A see above) inward until you hear another click

5. To lock your luggage, locate the two(2) zipper latches and insert into the keyholes

6. Enter combination and push slider to release

- My question isn't answered here, is there someone I can talk to?

Of course! Email us at Support@smallwoodhome.com and one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you with your inquiry. Thanks for visiting!