SweetHoney - Dreamer 2-Piece Toddler Loungewear - Wind Blown

$ 25

Dreamer 2-Piece Toddler Loungewear - Wind Blown

Visions of sugar-plums will dance through her head while she sleeps or lounges in luxury. Dreamy, lightweight sets are meticulously crafted with accent ruffles and patterns as cheerful and bright as the holiday season.

  • 95% Polyester 5% Spandex
  • Hand and feet mitts
  • Ruffled bib top
  • NB-3T

Each item is made with lots of detail, uniqueness, and with you in mind. Because of this, the chosen fabrics for each product can have slight, natural differences in the texture, placement, and color. These variations are not considered flaws and we believe they add to the character and uniqueness of each item we make.

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