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Smallwoods - Coffee - Smallwoods Coffee - Good Earth (12oz bag)


Smallwoods Coffee - Good Earth (12oz bag)

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Good Earth (Region: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras)


Our organic Good Earth is a blend of coffees from Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, known for their uniquely rich texture. When seasonably possible, this blend is made of our roaster's own One Harvest Relationship coffees, which is a collaboration between roaster and local farmers, where the families are provided medical and dental coverage, as well as paid well above fair trade certified wages for their product. 

Medium-Light Roast
Certified USDA Organic
Process: Honey, Natural, Washed

(The mucilage of the coffee cherry is sticky and slimy, so it is sometimes called “honey”. During the Honey Process, coffee is dried with most, if not all, of the mucilage remaining on the cherry. Honey Natural Washed still involved fermentation, but for a significantly shorter amount of time leaving the bean with slightly more acidity than Natural Washed coffees, but quite a bit less acidity than Washed.)

Floral - Honey - Chocolate Finish

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