Smallwoods - Coffee - Smallwoods Coffee - Nicaragua (12oz bag)


Smallwoods Coffee - Nicaragua (12oz bag)

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Nicaragua (Region: Nicaragua)

Central America is known for it's quality coffee, and our Nicaragua gains some of it's unique flavor profiles from produce that is grown locally nearby as well as the pH levels of the soil. Nueva Segovias, the region in Nicaragua that our coffee is grown, has been gaining attention for it's high grade coffees over the recent years.

Medium Roast
Process: Washed

(In Washed Coffee, the outer skin of the coffee cherry is removed, then put into fermentation tanks until the mucilage is no longer sticky. Next, the remnants of the mucilage are washed off using large amounts of water. The controlled fermentation of the mucilage adds a certain amount of acidity to the coffee, However, by washing the beans immediately following fermentation, most of the fruit flavor and acidity is removed. What remains are the more subtle flavors of the coffee bean, complimented by a good bit of acidity.)

Sweet - Sage - Spice - Chesnut Character

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