Smallwoods - Coffee - Smallwoods Coffee - Rio Azul (12oz bag)


Smallwoods Coffee - Rio Azul (12oz bag)

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Rio Azul (Region: Guatemala)

Our Rio Azule blend is grown at over 5,000 feet by the 150 families of the Rio Azul Cooperative, this coffee represent the best of Huehuetenango Region of Guatemala. Our Rio Azul blend is Fair Trade Certified, meaning that from the planting, to the picking, and all the way to the washing and drying of the coffee cherry, the employees and farmers are paid fair wages--often above the normal rates for other farming communities. Fair trade certified coffee is a direct way to ensure a better life for families in the developing world through fair prices, developing the community and environmental stewardship.

Medium Roast
Fair Trade Certified

Process: Washed

(In Washed Coffee, the outer skin of the coffee cherry is removed, then put into fermentation tanks until the mucilage is no longer sticky. Next, the remnants of the mucilage are washed off using large amounts of water. The controlled fermentation of the mucilage adds a certain amount of acidity to the coffee, However, by washing the beans immediately following fermentation, most of the fruit flavor and acidity is removed. What remains are the more subtle flavors of the coffee bean, complimented by a good bit of acidity.)

Citrus Aroma - Cocoa - Dried Mango - Gentle Aftertaste

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