Smallwoods - Coffee - Smallwoods Coffee - Signature Blend (12oz bag)


Smallwoods Coffee - Signature Blend (12oz bag)

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Signature Blend (Region: Brazil)

With it's uniquely mild chocolatey flavor, our Signature Blend keeps the daily coffee drinker in mind thanks to it's full, full bodied, yet smooth taste. Drink it black to savor it's full range of flavors, or add your favorite creamer and sugar. This blend of coffees from Brazil, Central America, and Pacific Islands will easily become a staple in your home.

Medium-Light Roast
Process: Natural, Washed

(Natural Washed is similar to the Washed process except that the mucilage is removed using a special pressure washing tool, skipping the fermentation process. A few companies in Brazil and Colombia have this method patented and remain the market leaders on this pressure washing “Robot”. Since there is no fermentation, there is little risk of over or under fermentation, thus increasing overall consistency.)

Smooth - Chocolaty - Roasted Nuts

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