Everyday Essentials - Infant Gown - Deep Blue Sea

$ 18 $ 25

Everyday Essentials - Infant Gown - Deep Blue Sea

Stretchy cotton-blend sleepsacks in soothing neutral colorways and the softest cotton. Open, elastic bottom allows plenty of room for baby to kick and wiggle, and you’ll love the convenience it creates for diaper changes. Perfect for sleep, travel, or day-to-day wear!

  • Sizes NB & 6M
  • Knit infant gown
  • Front pockets
  • Snap-closure on front
  • Hand mitts
  • Elastic opening makes diaper changes and getting dressed a breeze!
  • Running TTS

Each item is made with lots of detail, uniqueness, and your little ones in mind. Because of this, the chosen fabrics for each item can have slight, natural differences in the texture, placement, and color. These variations are not considered flaws and we believe they add to the character and uniqueness of each item we make.

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