WHIM + WANDER - Wet-Dry Bag - Vacation

$ 8 $ 20

Wet-Dry Bag - Vacation

The fashionable yet practical solution for storing diapers, swimwear, towels, gym clothes, or anything else that gets wet while you’re on the go! Waterproof lining prevents leaks, smells and messes from soaking through. Snap handle allows you to conveniently attach bag to strollers, gym bag handles, or wherever you need it most!

  • Printed canvas bag with waterproof lining
  • 14.5" [height] x 12" [width] 
  • Large zippered pocket for wet items or diapers
  • Sturdy strap unsnaps to attach to stroller, hook or duffle bag handle
  • Accent ruffle

Each item is made with lots of detail, uniqueness, and your little girls in mind. Because of this, the chosen fabrics for each item can have slight, natural differences in the texture, placement, and color. These variations are not considered flaws and we believe they add to the character and uniqueness of each item we make.

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