About us

Who is Smallwoods?

Over the last several years our brand has established a relationship with more than 800,000 supporters and developed a reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and high-quality products.

Smallwoods will continue to broaden its product mix throughout 2016.  Our products will include Apparel and Bedding for all ages of adults and children, Furniture, Lighting, Home Décor, Toys, and much more. 

We manufacture many of these products at our Texas facilities and also manufacture products in Central and South America, throughout Asia, India, and Europe.

What is Smallwoods Purpose?

Mission Statement

“Inspire a professional culture focused on critical thinking, innovation, action and continuous growth in Christ. Our purpose is to enrich the lives of family and community through the Gospel.”

We believe our mission is not to amass enormous wealth, build large buildings, and buy extravagant things.  Instead, we believe God has blessed us with a unique opportunity to spread the Gospel through genuine hands-on outreach in communities stricken by generational poverty domestically and internationally.  

We are blessed to have such a talented team that shares our family’s passion for people and vision for advancing the Gospel.