By Room

Wondering how to not only choose the perfect art for your entire home, but how to find the best wall art by room? Smallwoods is here to help; choosing art for your home is often not easy, when choices feel unlimited and rooms each feel glowing with their own potential. Different types of room decor often vary by the type of room itself: for that, Smallwoods has the By Room navigational tool, where styles and frames are organized room-by-room for your decorative desires. Kids' rooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms all deserve to be curated with the space in mind. The bathroom and laundry room sections contain canvases and motivational phrases with cleanliness and freshness in mind, while the bedroom and living room sections focus on love, faith, and family. It's easy to find the right piece for every space when the choices themselves are organized into rooms, just like your home. Find what's missing from your walls with Smallwoods room art.