Between two stone pillars wrought iron gates open up to a perfectly paved driveway that winds it’s way through the woods up to a grand, charming country mansion.

The house sits in the center at the highest point of this 80 Acre pasture.

Surrounding the bright and airy house are green grass pastures that roll their way down from the house and meet with a dense tall pine forest that, in every direction, completely shelters the entire area from the outside world.

Most mornings the dewy grass sparkles as the fog slowly lifts to the rising sun over the trees, a feeling resonating around the house and property.

There is vibe that someone is about to take the stage, or like you might be walking up to a house where, now that you are here, a party is about to begin.

A very secluded and magical store sitting pretty off an old rural East Texas road. A store that opens for business every other weekend, having been over-hauled and redecorated and replenished from the ground up by a loving staff that cares as much about the handpicked products they set out as they do that no one feels pressure to buy a single thing when they visit.

80Acre Market is a store where no one cares if you buy a thing, only that from the moment you walk in you are met with friendly smiles when you finally decide to stop exploring the endless interesting products, eating the food, and watching the incredible musical performances you leave with a sense that you did something. You didn’t just go shopping, in fact it was nothing like shopping. This was an event as much as an adventure. 80Acre Market is more than a store. It’s an experience.