Love + Marriage

This collection of romantic bedroom wall decor and love canvas wall art from Smallwoods is the perfect way to commemorate every partnership and to celebrate togetherness. Love never feels too far within this selection of romantic couple wall art, by showing love in the most classic way possible: the written word. Be reminded of your shared passion daily by hanging tender phrases of care in your home, bedroom, or shared living- and workspace. Words of love and wisdom surround each choice and help make every space meaningful in a unique way; from reflections on marriage to simple words of praise and poignance, these pieces aim to bring significance into every corner, wall, and walkway. Familiar quotes from Audrey Hepburn, Maya Angelou, and old favorites like "We were together; I forget the rest" will provide the perfect amount of warmth to share with your favorite person. Built with well-structured natural wood frames and featuring sturdy canvasses for each doting word to land on, these pieces will look effortlessly well-placed to any reader, lover, or partner. Help bring love in by choosing any of these poetic reflections, and let love last a lifetime.