Smallwoods - All Natural - Outdoor Spray

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All Natural - Outdoor Spray

This all-natural pest deterrent spray is safe on skin, clothing, and around your outdoor area. Made with all natural Essential Oil ingredients that are safe for baby and the whole family.

  • 100% All natural ingredients: Distilled Water, Witch Hazel, Essential Oils
  • Code only applies to one bottle, no bulk discounting available.

Customer Reviews:

Laurie - We ordered two and love it. My daughter is a bug bite magnet and this has helped us tremendously. One came spilled and they immediately shipped me out a new one. Great customer service! Will not hesitate to order from them again. 

Sheri  -  We used this at our cottage. The mosquitoes were HORRIBLE that weekend because it had just rained a ton. The kids and I all came home with not one bite. It smells good too and isn't sticky like most sprays.

 Breanna -  We got a bottle and we have loved it!! We will definitely be buying more when this bottle gets low!!

Ashtyn - We just used ours today! It smells great and isn't sticky!

Lindsay - We love ours!

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